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For some time now I have been obsessed with going to farmer’s markets! Every Saturday morning I make it a ritual to go and pick up some fresh produce to incorporate in the meals that I am going to be cooking the upcoming week. My husband and I were walking our dogs one morning and were talking about some reasons why we enjoy shopping at farmers markets and I though I’d share some with you.

So fresh and so clean

Produce bought at a farmer's markets is more times than not more fresh and that is because your fruits and veggies are being picked a day or two before it is being sold to you. Since the produce is coming from local farms, the travel time is much less, hence why everything is so fresh, and it will last longer in your fridge. 

Supporting local farms/businesses

Don’t you just love supporting small mom and pop businesses? I do! And by shopping at a farmer’s market near you, you will be providing capital that I’m sure is much needed to keep farms and businesses to continue to prosper. Lets help each other out! 

Creates a sense of community

Chances are that if your are visiting your local farmer’s market often, you’re going to run to a lot of the same people and get to know the producers themselves. Spark a conversation about the fruit and vegetables that you will be putting into your body. You’ll gain insight and get to know local entrepreneurs; its a win win.

Fun thing to do

Farmer’s markets are such a jolly and vibrant place to frequent, at least that’s my impression. I always look forwards to Saturday mornings because my husband and I make it a date, we pick out our favorite fruits and veggies, or whatever else we can get our hands on, and grab coffee after.

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