Welcome to Candidly Navy!


Hi! I’m Navany and I am so excited to welcome you to Candidly Navy. 

Through Candidly Navy I hope to further develop and challenge my artistic and creative side. My goal is to create content that is relatable to everyday women, whether it be tips and tricks to amp up your wardrobe, or beauty and health advice. I really just want to let you in and talk about the delicacies of life that are dear to me. As Candidly Navy grows, I would love to build a connection with you, my readers, and maybe you can let me in on some of your secrets! As a woman, I am a huge believer in lifting and empowering each other so lets make this platform one where we can all inspire one another.

Almost three years ago I married an amazing man who has been such a blessing in my life and supports me in every was possible. I am a mommy of two, well two fur babies, and they are the most darling and needy fur balls ever! I’m sure you'll be seeing a lot of Laddie and Beau on here. These three are a big part of who I am and I can't wait to introduce them to you! 

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