Magic in the Valley


Hello lovely readers, I hope you all had such a lovely time celebrating the holidays with your loved ones. I spent Christmas Eve with my family; they all came over and we enjoyed delicious pozole and tamales. You really can’t go wrong with traditional Mexican meals for the holidays. 

Early Christmas morning, my little family (hubby, Laddie, and Beau), and I packed our camping gear and hit the road to Yosemite. After witnessing a beautiful sunrise, major car sickness/stomach bug, and six hours later we made it to one of American’s most beautiful national parks. I had been awaiting this moment for about two years and it did not disappoint. 

Once we entered the park, our drive to Yosemite Valley was about an hour of curvy roads and breathtaking views. As we were about to approach the Valley, we passed a tunnel built right into the granite mountain side, a highly tourist area in the park. When we emerged onto the other side, it’s almost as if we were being transported to a magical land. We immediately witnessed the grandiose Half Dome, El Capitan, and the Bridalveil Fall. When we made it to our campsite, Upper Pines, we were surrounded by meadows, granite peaks, sounds from the Merced River, and the smells of pine trees that were everywhere.

Being outdoors is a love that my husband and I both share, we're great believers in getting away for a couple of days and unwinding. Not only do we bond as a couple but our relationship gets stronger and we learn to appreciate each other more than we already do. It may be because it's just us two in a new environment, away from noise from the outside world, either way it works for us. It also makes us so happy to be able to include Laddie and Beau in our adventures, they love exploring. 

Here are some pictures from the one day that I was actually feeling 100! 

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Yosmeite 5.jpg
Yosemite 7.jpg
Yosemite 2.jpg
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Yosemite 3.jpg