Up Close and Personal

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Hi everyone, I hope this year is treating you well so far. It has already been a heck of a year for me, I can't contain my happiness! For this weeks post, I thought I would let you in on some facts about yours truly. Hope you enjoy learning a thing or two about me. Let's get started! 

  1. I love coffee, black iced coffee to be exact. Hence, why I shot my OOTD at a coffee shop. 
  2. I have a two month old niece, Stella, I am obsessed with her. She takes the cake for having the cutest cheeks ever!  
  3. I have two pups, Laddie and Beau. They are both Shelties and it’s safe to say that I am a crazy dog mom! 
  4. I have been married to my best friend for three years and have been together for almost a decade. 
  5. My husband and I met in high school. We were just friends then but started dating after running into each other in college. 
  6. I was born in Mexico lindo y querido. 
  7. I graduated from Long Beach State with a Communication Studies degree. 
  8. I spent several years at a community college because I was scared to audition for CSULB’s dance department. Oh yeah, I was a dance major once upon a time. In hindsight, probably the silliest fear I’ve ever had.
  9. I am an ambivert, I need to recharge at times. 
  10. I follow a plant based diet as best I can. 
  11. I add avocado to everything! When my hubby and I started dating he was shocked at the loads of avocado I would eat. Avocado is the best thing ever. 
  12. I use to dislike blueberries, there was something about chewing them that freaked me out but now they are my favorite berry. 
  13. I use to hate my name, Navany, growing up and swore that I would change it as an adult but now I love how different it is. 
  14. My family have called me Navy my entire life and that's why it's part of my blog name. 
  15. I was a makeup artist for MAC. 
  16. I love Kombucha, my favorite is Pink Lady Apple by Health Ade. 
  17. I am pretty sarcastic, I have to work on my timing though. 
  18. I don’t know how to swim, I know so sad!
  19. I cry when I see others cry or at anything that makes me experience the least bit of sadness for that matter. 
  20. I probably watched Centerstage like 100 times. LA LA Land is in close second. 
  21. I am turning 30 in a few days! It’s not as bad as people pan it out to be, after all age is just a number. 

Tell me a random fact about you down below! 

P.S. Enjoy my beige one beige look! 

XX Navy

What I'm Wearing:

Sweater: Similar option here

Pants: Zara (here)

Boots: Similar option here 

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