Intentions for the New Year


Happy New Year and cheers to my very first blog post of 2018! I don’t know about you but every time a new year approaches, I can’t help but get super excited and curious to unravel what the new year will bring my way. With the beginning of a  new year; change, new beginnings, and opportunities seem to be more possible and attainable than ever. It may be the excitement from those surrounding us since majority of the people do set new goals, intentions, and resolutions for themselves; it simply becomes contagious. 

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Like everyone else, I have fallen short in truly accomplishing resolutions that I have set for myself during the start of each year because they were at times unrealistic. Once I felt like I was derailing from my resolutions, I would ditch it and give up. Last year as I deepened my yoga practice, I learned about setting intentions. This is the part where we need to learn to be kind to ourselves. The intent behind a set goal is what we are after and not the specific outcome, it's all about the process. I feel that when there is an intent behind a goal, there is less room for failure and that is when you truly are devoted to achieving whatever ‘it’ may be. Intent allows us to be flexible during the process of achieving our goals; life is unpredictable and taking different actions to achieve a goal is okay as long as the intent remains present. Setting intentions is more internal and personal, and it’s when you come in touch with your true being. 

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Here are my intentions for 2018:

I intend to continue cultivating my creativity. 

For a while, I felt like something was lacking from my life. It was during the middle of last year that I put this intention into play and it led me to finally launch Candidly Navy. I still want to hang on to this one since creativity is something that can always be developed and challenged. 

I intend to trust the process, wherever life will take me. 

Last year I was laid off, it sucked even though it was nothing close to my dream job but it led me to rekindle my creativity (hence why I set the intention above) and start creating my very own path to a career that fills my soul. Now, I have to trust that everything will eventually fall into place as long I continue to work hard and not loose sight of what truly makes me happy. I know its easier said than done but I will trust the process. 

I intend to work on my mental clarity and breath. 

These go hand in hand for me and it’s a continuous process. This is a true challenge for me because I am one to stress easily, which then leads to a cloudy mind, and it's safe to say that my breathing goes out the window when it really needs to be the primary focus. I have decided to practice yoga a few times a week, to meditate, and do things that are soothing to the mind. 

What are your intentions/goals for this new year? Share them with me! 



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