Summer Lovin'

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So this post is pretty special because it is the first time that I am introducing Carlos (my hubby) and I could not have picked a better occasion. Recently I was invited my first ever blogger's brunch, which was a lot of much fun, and I met a few very sweet and talented group of gals. We teamed up with Advanced Mixology, who make modern artisan barware. They gifted me a couple of copper mugs and since a Moscow Mule is one of my Carlos' and I's favorite summer drinks; it was safe to say that I was going to invite him to be a part of this post. During the summer Carlos and I buy Tito's Vodka, ginger beer, a lot of limes, and will enjoy a cocktail at home when the heat is just too unbearable. Can you blame us? This little concoction is perfect for summa' summa' days. 



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Note from Carlos:

 “I am a man of few words”, is what I wrote in one of the first notes I wrote for one of Navany's dance performances. For those who know me well, that's far from what I really am; she's got the hang of it now. My name is Carlos, I am about to enter my thirties and excited to join the club. Did Navany tell you guys that she's older than me? She's a cradle robber. Navany and I have been married for three years and together we are dog parents to two beautiful shelties, and are currently fostering a poodle (we are crazy dog parents, just so you know). I am an 8th grade social studies teacher and when people ask me what I do, I tell them that I mold young minds. While I joke about that, I love my job because middle school kids are still developing mentally and as teachers, we play a very important role in teaching them life skills that will remain with them for time to come. Challenging, yet a rewarding profession. When work is over and it's time to play, you can most likely find me on the golf course! I love playing golf I am not very good, yet, but there is something about the game that I find relaxing and enjoyable. I'll end it there to keep things mysterious. Thank you for tuning in and for the support that you show to my beautiful wife. 


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Minty Pineapple Mule  Recipe

4 ounces of ginger beer/soda (I used Bundaberg Ginger beer)

2 ounces of your fav vodka (I used Tito's)

2 ounces of pineapple juice

3 muddled mint leaves (You can always skip this if you don't like mint)

1 lime 

Top you copper mug with ice and pour all of this yumminess int there and voila, you have yourself a refreshing summer drink! 

You can find these exact mule mugs on Advanced Mixology, here! Use code CHEERS for $5 off. 





What I'm Wearing:

Top: H&M (here)

Pants: Who What Wear (here)

Sandals : Steve Madden (here)