Chic in the City


Happy hump day, amigas!

I know that it’s been a while but a couple of months ago I decided to drive my focus to Instagram and post more frequently on there because I get more traffic. Recently, I have been listening to The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon during my sauna sessions (I mean what else can you do while you’re in there, right?). During an interview with the creator of Margo and Me, Jenny, a great point was brought up that left me with an ‘awe’ moment. Long interview short, they talked about how blogs are becoming secondary to Instagram blogs when it should really be the other way around, just in case anything happens with Instagram, you’ll always have an outlet to fall back on and continue sharing your thoughts and inspiring others, in a non borrowed platform. But okay that was just a little food for thought, now on to what I am really here for, this fire outfit!

If I said that I wasn’t completely obsessed with this outfit, I’d be lying to you because this IS my favorite look and photoshoot this year. Here, I decided to mix textures by pairing this off the shoulder knit with faux lather shorts and a velvet belt. Mixing textures when wearing a monochromatic look is a great way to spice your outfit up and add a whole lot of dimension. Because leather is huge every fall season, I couldn’t pass these leather shorts up. I can’t wait to pair them with polka dotted tights when cooler days come around; so far it’s too warm in OC to do that.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, these white boots! I know, they are amazing, they were the last size 6 and a definite score. White boots are another hot trend this fall and you should totally jump on it because you can pair them with almost anything; they will take your outfit to the next level and the biggest perk is that they make your legs look tan. Quick confession, I am really self conscious about my skinny calves so I love that these boots hit mid calf, makes them look thicker.

Hope you enjoy this chic in the city outfit, amigas! Outfit details below.




Outfit Deets:

Top: Missguided, here

Shorts: Zara, here

Belt: Forever 21, here

Hat: HM, here

Boots: Dolce Vita (sold out) similar, here

Bag: Gift