May Flowers

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Okay Flower Fields, take two! So let me tell you about failed attempt number one. My hubby, Carlos, and I were driving to Carlsbad, which is about 1.5 hours from home, on the way there, we realized that there was a nail in the tire so we decided to not risk a flat tire and stopped to get it fixed. After calling a few places, we found one who said that they would patch up the tire in one hour... three hours later, the tire was patched but we never did make it to the flower fields. Two weeks later, on Mother's Day morning, we woke up super early, drove to Carlsbad and finally got a chance to snap some pictures in a field filled with colorful flowers. 

After seeing all the blogger photos on IG, I was so excited to visit the fields and run through them (gracefully of course), just get creative with my shots. Little did I know that the fields were actually blocked off so you couldn't transpass. The rebel that I am, I wanted to immediately cross over and snap some shots for "the gram" BUT since Carlos was taking my pictures, he refused to do so if I broke the rules. At the end of it all, I totally understood, the ranunculus were so beautiful, I didn't want to accidentally step on them, knowing how clumsy I am. You can now probably tell a little of the dynamics of Carlos' and I's relationship, we balance each other out. Shout out to my honey for putting up with me and taking my pictures! 

On another note, for the flower fields, I wanted to wear something soft and feminine so I went for this linen dress. The sleeves are meant to go over the shoulder but I preferred to go with an off the shoulder look. This dress was so flattering and perfect for those upcoming summer days and the best thing is that it was only $20!  To spice up the look, I added a neck scarf, a straw hat, and my favorite espadrilles. Enjoy!

xx Navy

What I'm Wearing:

Dress: Forever 21 (here)

Straw Hat: H&M (here, and here)

Scarf: Target (here)

Espadrilles: Similar here and here

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