Pretty In White


Hello Beauties!  I'm back, I know I've been gone for a while, I'm sorry. Lately I've been contemplating on keeping my blog, simply because I don't dedicate enough time to it. Do people even read blogs anymore? I feel like Instagram blogs are becoming the thing now, I guess it's just quicker and easier to read and view pictures that way. I mean a lot of us do spend countless hours scrolling though feeds. BUT I do love my blog, it's my personal diary, a place that is all mine and get to to write and post anything my heart desires. I'll keep you posted...

This summer I've been diggin' whites. I absolutely love that an entire white ensemble makes me look a couple shades more tan, I can't complain. I wore this Vici dress for my husband's 30th birthday party and felt the need to wear it again and shoot some pictures by the beach. I rarely go to the beach but I had a vision; sand in between my toes, waves, rocks, the perfect setting. This cute bag, also from Vici, is summer perfect and a must have style for these last few weeks of summer. Wait, who am I kidding, its always summer in California (well almost always). 

Please excuse my frizzy hair, I shot these pretty early in the day and it was so humid, my hair was not cooperating. Also, some of the items in this post were sold out but I linked equally as cute options that you can check out below. Enjoy!  

xx Navy